The dog born with one eye and two noses, was saved from euthanasia and is now living its best life


Unfortunately, The Corgi Nekku was born with various health problems. He had only one eye, two noses and a spinal fusion. The doctors left him no hope for his future life and offered to euthanize him so that he would not suffer.

And since no one would want to adopt such a dog, it would be the best decision.

But fortunately a foreign country saved the dog’s life. He had seen the photos of the dog on the Internet and immediately fell in love with it.

He proposed to the breeder to adopt the dog and said he had two dogs in the house. Eventually, they reached an agreement because the dog’s owner didn’t want to torture him either.

After all, the dog now lives a very good life, although it is very different from other dogs in appearance.

When the owner walks with the mat, he must make constant stops so that the dog can rest, since he has difficulty walking.

By the way, many people outside saw and asked the reasons for the appearance of the dog, everyone looked at it with astonishment.

Although veterinarians did not expect the dog to live long, it is still very much alive. However, the dog still has trouble orienting itself from what is constantly hitting its head.

Eventually, his owner decided to take the dog to his grandmother’s house where he could walk in the park. He is now loved by all.

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