A man collected a Persian cat that had never been washed or scratched. What the cat looks like now


The owner of the 9-year-old Persian cat, an elderly resident of Chicago, did not seem to have the slightest idea of what care to give to this breed of cat. As for Persian cats, they need to be combed and groomed constantly so that their fur does not get tangled, otherwise it becomes lumpy and needs to be trimmed.

The pensioner had neglected Sindbad, not bathing him and scratching him. Therefore, during the many years of his life, the cat became a messy pile of hair.

It looked so dirty that a city employee, who came to the old man’s apartment for his work, first mistook the animal for an old carpet that was long overdue. He was surprised when the «carpet» suddenly crawled towards him with a pathetic meow, as if asking for help.

Saddened by what he saw, the man could not help the cat. He called the animal welfare service, which then picked up Sindbad and placed him in a shelter. It changed Sinbad’s life for the better.

The first thing the animal welfare department tried to do was to free the cat from its tangled coat.

Mowing turned out to be difficult, but little by little, the experts managed to get the job done. In a few hours, almost 2.5 kilos of fur were removed from the poor cat, which now feels much better.

The veterinarian then discovered that Sindbad had injured his hind legs and that he had to undergo a long rehabilitation.

The cat was temporarily taken in by Elliott Serrano of the Society for The Death, an animal welfare organisation.

However, the cat turned out to be so affectionate and outgoing that Elliott couldn’t bear to part with it.

They have become the best friends in the world. Sindbad has been living in Elliott’s house for five years now.

His new coat grew and he became a snow-white beauty. He receives good care, timely grooming and has friends – several small dogs who live at Elliott’s.

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