Theatre of the Absurd: 15 inexplicable but wildly funny photos


There are many ironic images on the net that leave some people puzzled and make others laugh. But this – the creativity of individuals, and what about real, but no less crazy, situations? Is it possible to find a reason to laugh out loud in life?

There is nothing in this selection that can be explained. It seems that such absurd situations can only be fake, but we are ready to convince you otherwise.

Life is a wonderful thing and there is bound to be a place for the weird. The main thing is that they make you smile, like these, rather than leaving you perplexed.

1. Oh, looks like someone has a date on the beach tonight. It’s not a scene from Beauty and the Tramp, it’s real life.

2 We don’t even know what’s safest: what if the baby wasn’t standing at all – or if he was standing, but like that?

3 Vulcanologists (even non-professionals) are always a little strange. They would do anything for a photo.

4 Comfortable shape, modern design, suitable for gamers – even if sometimes it bites.

5 This is one of the reasons why it is better to never take selfies in the water. The second is the risk of drowning your smartphone.

6 A situation of the level of absurdity. Apparently, his wife asked him to wear his new boots.

7 You know, a takeaway martini is as good as a coffee. It is safe to start the day on the right note.

8 Fish are definitely smarter than their peers – they know where to go and how to fit in so they don’t get hungry.

9 With so many original people with colored hair, you need to move on to plan B.

10 This is what teenagers look like when trying to buy something without a passport, pretending to be adults.

11 It is possible to create a teacher in a game and take revenge on him for a bad grade. This is what a healthy aggression means!

12 A leash is not suitable for walking ducks: feathered birds can fly away. A backpack like this is another matter.

13 This looks like a promotion for Daddy’s Daughters, where all the heroines look like Dasha Vasnetsova. We would look at such a thing!

14 How many mistakes have been made in homework for parents to create such conditions for the little ones?

15 Julius Caesar would have been delighted with these men: only true geniuses can combine such things.

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