Missing dog returns home and rings the bell at 3 a.m.


This charming dog disappeared for a few hours, returns home and rings the bell at dawn to the surprise of his family

Missing dog returns home and rings the bell at 3 a.m.

A few days ago Mary Lynn Whitacre and her husband had a big scare when their beloved pet, a Labrador mix, ran away from home amid nerves when they heard fireworks in the neighborhood.

Like any canine, Rajah was deeply frightened by the constant sound of explosions and in the midst of the confusion he escaped from home.

The family, who recently moved into their new home in South Carolina, were enjoying the day when their neighbor lit the fireworks scaring Rajah; who before the gaze of his younger sister, a two-month-old puppy, jumped the fence and left home towards the hills.

After what happened, Mary made a post on her Facebook account to find her beloved missing pet, the woman wrote:

«Our sweet puppy, Rajah, was scared by the fireworks tonight and escaped from our backyard… She has a label with our phone numbers on her necklace and has a microchip. She’s probably very scared but she’s super sweet! Thank you!!»

Dog rings the bell at 3 a.m. after getting lost
Missing dog returns home
Mary went out in her car looking around her neighborhood for a sign of her pet, without finding her whereabouts.

Ryan the woman’s husband decided to take a walk in hopes of having better luck, but he also didn’t get a sign from his beloved canine.

Late at night, they tried to contact the local shelters in case they had found Rajah wandering the streets alone. The distraught couple returned home hoping their dog would find her way back home.

«My husband came home and I was driving looking for her. We were ready to call all the shelters, and she showed up and rang the doorbell.»

Around 3 in the morning the intrepid dog was at the entrance of her home, with her nose ringing the doorbell and her little face poked out of the camera that her parents had installed there.

Rajah’s adoptive mother added:

«I don’t even know how he knew how to do that. I’ve never shown him how. She doesn’t go out to the front yard except the car, so she’s never seen us use the doorbell.

Ryan was waiting to see if he showed up. He saw her on the porch and ran out to find her.»

Puppy rings the bell
The dog’s mother, after the terrible scare, shared the video of her furry companion returning home on the social network Reddit and quickly went viral.

Apparently, during the hours that Rajah stayed away from home she had a little fun, was covered in thorns and completely dirty, her mother assumed that she had had a great time.

«She thought she was in so much trouble, and she was sad and sulking, but we thought ‘we’re just happy you’re back.’ It was very funny and we couldn’t stop laughing.»

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