The dօg begged the man to take him tօ the shelter. This remarkable mօment was captսred օn videօ


The dog begged the man to take him to the shelter. This remarkable mօment was captured on video.

A touching video was recently posted on the social network Reddit, showing a dog clinging to a man’s leg, looking into his eyes and begging him. According to a user with the nickname NeniuDօrmo, the video was shot in an animal shelter. The dօg is a permanent resident and the man is a journalist who reports on the work of the shelter.

There is so much supplication in his eyes! This look is worth a thousand words!

Everything happened without warning. The unknown dog simply ran towards the visitor and began to hug him. There was so much kindness and hope in this simple gesture that the man dropped everything and began to pet the dog.

The journalist didn’t know what to do, because he had never seen him before, but it was as if he had known him for years. This meeting was very touching and the people present could not hold back their tears.

Specialized research shows that dogs experience unconditional love for humans and are willing to fully commit to their masters. In our case, the dog chose the object of his love – a journalist.

It was clear to everyone that an inexplicable bond had formed between a random visitor and a dog at the shelter. As the author of this article says, the man made the only right decision and took the dog from the shelter to his home.

There are many stories of homeless animals that end differently. Our story ended well. The journalist and the dog became loyal friends.

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