Dօg who ran away frօm home can’t believe he’s just been ‘arrested’


A mischievous dog who ran away from home fails to believe that his adventure is completely thwarted and has just been arrested

Police in Germany had the most adorable arrest. A charming dog that ran away from home in the village of Ziegenbach, was captured when he ventured alone and even ran into a small group of cyclists with whom he spent a pleasant time together.

The dog possibly believed it was just a passing encounter in the middle of their adventure, but cyclists worried about the animal called the police and stayed with the mischievous adventurer until officers arrived to pick him up.

The canine was taken away in the police patrol and the officers did not hesitate to take a photograph with the arrested furry.

But apparently, not everyone involved was happy at the time, which was evidenced in the funny snapshot that was shared on the police department’s social networks.

Dog who ran away from home was «arrested»
Apparently, this dog never suspected that his incredible adventure could end inside a patrol car.

It seems that when he understood that his escape attempt was thwarted, all happiness escaped his face.

The Neustadt an der Aisch police wrote in a post on their Facebook account:

«The dog’s gaze is priceless…»

Fortunately for this free-spirited puppy, the intentions of the police were only to return him to his home. After inquiring in the vicinity, officers were able to identify the dog’s family.

The police department wrote:

«Interviews of residents in Ziegenbach made it possible to locate the dog’s owner and return the furry.»

Dog carried on patrol

Surely after his walk in the police patrol, the dog will think twice before trying to flee from home again to live another adventure on his own and will wait for the days of family walking like a good boy.

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