Baby rescսed elephant has the mօst adօrable first bath


A baby elephant rescued with his mother from a camp dedicated to elephant riding, takes his first bath and now enjoys his life

Animals that are helped to change their lives always have a special thank you to the people who support them, but they also begin to experience activities they had never experienced and when a rescued baby elephant set foot in a small tub filled with water, he was excited to experience for the first time what a sweet bath was all about.

Chaba was born in a small concrete pen on the premises of an elephant riding camp in the city of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The child’s mother was obliged to perform different daily shows such as: riding a bicycle, painting pictures and other tricks, to entertain tourists.

Baby rescued elephant loves water
It is very likely that this would also have been Chaba’s fate, but fortunately rescuers from the Save Elephant Foundation were able to intervene.

Ry Emmerson, the foundation’s project director, told The Dodo:

«When our team found out about the plight of Chaba and his mother, BunMa, we went to the camp to see how we could help them.»

Baby elephant rescued enclosure
Upon arriving at the camp, rescuers found the baby elephant and its mother in a cement pen without any food. In addition, the mother was tied on one leg to a short chain and it was evident that both animals needed medical attention to improve their state of health.

The charity’s founder took it upon himself to negotiate the release of the elephant family, and they were finally able to rescue them in August.

Rescuers already had a plan in place to transport the elephants in a truck to the Elephant Nature Park (ENP) animal sanctuary.

But BunMa was very nervous and afraid of being separated from her baby, so she didn’t want to get into the transport vehicle.

«We decided it was safer for them to walk to our sanctuary. After two hours of walking, they arrived at ENP and were greeted with an elephant cake.»

Both animals were happy in their new home, and after devouring the welcome cake Chaba got ready to receive his first bath.

Chaba’s reaction surprised everyone, because when he arrived at the tub full of water, the expression of satisfaction on his face showed his joy. The four-month-old little elephant discovered one of his favorite activities, and now he enjoys playing in the water.

«Chaba is a real water baby! She loves to splash around in the water and then run back to Mom to reassure her.

Now, he loves to play in the pool with his ball while his mother enjoys delicious fruits.»

Undoubtedly, now both animals enjoy a full life in freedom, socialize with other animals, seek food and play as they never did before.

Sharing with other elephants
Pero Chaba siempre deja claro que lo que más le gusta es jugar con el agua y chapotear en su pequeña piscina.

Si deseas ayudar a Chaba y a su mamá puedes hacer una donación a Save Elephant Foundation.

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