Dog with huge muzzle becomes an Internet sensation


Adorable Borzoi dog with a huge muzzle that measures 12 inches is a celebrity and has delighted many on social networks

A charming borzoi dog who lives in Richmond, Virginia (United States) is a sensation on social networks due to her huge muzzle that measures around 12 inches. His name is Eris, and he already has about 200 thousand followers on his Instagram account.

Lily Kambourian, Eris’ mother, often posts beautiful photographs of this particular and beautiful borzoi.

Dog with huge muzzle is sensation on the Internet
large snout dog

«Eris was born in a litter of three in Keysville, Virginia. When we went to visit the puppies, it was evident that they might have an excessive bite, this would rule them out for any canine exposure as it is a genetic defect. But that didn’t bother us. He came up to us and sat on [Savannah’s] lap.»

dog and his toy

The charming dog’s name was given to lily in honor of the Greek goddess of struggle and discord, according to LadBible. On her social networks you can find her with a longer name «Madame Eris Overbite, Queen of the Snoots».

«We stand a lot when we’re walking with Eris because most people are trying to figure out what race it is, but we’ve started to find paths in the neighborhood where we can really take a walk.»

Despite her particular muzzle, Lily says that Eris does not present any complications with her nose, this charming dog measures 4 feet and 9 inches, and her muzzle measures 12.2 inches.

«We were warned when it was a puppy that it might be having dental problems, where teeth would stick to the gums and it might need canine extraction.»

Very relieved Lily comments:

«But she just passed by. No problems with his long nose, he drops food everywhere, but so do I. if we feed him a bone marrow he bites it forever compared to other dogs who would eat the treat very quickly.

She is very happy to see people and other dogs, but she can get very nervous with very small dogs. Sometimes she gets cranky but she is so silly and charming because the borzoi are so quiet. I don’t think we’ve really heard her bark.»

sweet borzoi with huge muzzle
Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed, Lily believes her adorable Eris may have a record-worthy muzzle.

«She’s very good at sticking her nose in very small spaces between couches, fences or people enjoying a meal at a table, so her pointed nose is advantageous there, we really hadn’t considered the registrars to verify Eris

although we wouldn’t be against doing something like that after the world becomes more normal. But we’re not entirely sure how to do it, to be honest!»

«Although we started the page as a scrapbook, we’ve loved being part of the Instagram dog community. She is very kind and we are really delighted to be a part of her.»

dog with huge muzzle playing

If you want to see more about Eris’ adventures you can follow her on Instagram.

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