Cyclist stops to help a dog in need and takes him to safety


When you help an animal no matter the circumstances, you become a good person in every way and this act of kindness will be admired by everyone.

Being a good person is something this world urgently requires, and one cyclist showed that it is vitally important to help those who need it most.

This cyclist stopped in the middle of his practice to help a poor dog that had apparently been abandoned.

The young man saw the puppy who was struggling to get help on the side of the road; he seemed to have been there for a long time, as he was very dehydrated.

Cyclist stops to help a dog
Cyclist helps dog

In a video made by his partner, we can see how the cyclist decided to help the dog and put him on his back to take him to a safe place.

This incident occurred in the southern province of Río Negro, in Argentina. Images along with the video were uploaded to the Facebook page of the Marican Team training group.

rescued dog
Local media reported that three cyclists from the city of Villa Regina were pedaling when they came across a lone dog in the middle of the bushes.

When they stopped to look at the dog closely, they noticed that he was severely dehydrated and disoriented, so they gave him something to drink.

After examining the dog’s health status and giving it water, they knew they had to do something to help the abandoned animal.

The cyclists decided to help him, so one of them carried him on his back in order to take him to a nearby town.

cyclist stops
The video was shared on Facebook with the following caption:

«Rodri, Alan and Emiliano from Villa Regina attended an abandoned puppy that was dehydrated during their training.»

The impact of this gesture was so great that in a matter of hours the video was seen and shared by thousands of Internet users.

Cyclist stops to help
Although the cyclists made sure to get the dog to safety, it is not known who took care of him or where he is.

People on social media were impressed with the heroic act and praised the riders through comments for having big hearts.

rescued puppy
Although it is not known where the puppy is, it is very likely that he is in good hands and is being cared for as he deserves.

This kind gesture from the cyclists changed the life of the abandoned puppy, and surely he will be very grateful to them.

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