Four heroic children rescue a hungry dog tied with elastic ropes


Four heroic children rescue a hungry dog tied with elastic ropes
Undoubtedly, raising children with values, compassion and love for animals is something that should generate a lot of pride in families.

Four children from Detroit, Michigan (USA) saved a malnourished dog who may have had the worst fate. These guys are really helping this world become a better place and not lose faith in humanity.

Brothers Kenny, Kenneth, Kevin Dancy, and their friend Andrew Daniels, were helping an elderly neighbor with her things to move elsewhere.

While performing this task, they heard noises from the neighboring house, which seemed to be abandoned. They wanted to verify what was happening, and they came across something heartbreaking.

They were surprised to see a hungry, skinny, weak, sad dog tied with elastic ropes in the back of the house.

Hungry and tied dog is rescued
Four heroic dog children
The boys knew that the animal was in very bad condition and could not leave it there, so they acted quickly, untied it, wrapped it in a jacket and took it home.

Los niños estaban decididos a ayudarla, la llamaron ‘Sparkle’, le dieron agua, comida y se aseguraron de que estuviera cómoda y se sintiera segura.

Al día siguiente, mientras paseaban a Sparkle por el vecindario, se encontraron con miembros de Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue y les contaron la historia.

Cuatro niños heroicos
Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, es una organización sin fines de lucro que se dedica a rescatar a los perros dejados en las calles.

La organización de inmediato decidió ayudar a Sparkle, porque además de estar muy desnutrida, parecía que tenía sarna y obviamente estaba muy descuidada.

An encounter that brought many benefits to Sparkle, but despite this, the boys took the time to ask what would happen to her.

Theresa Sumpter, founder of Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, told WDIV:

«You could say they really loved this dog, protected her, and wanted to make sure she went to a good place.»

Recovered dog
The rescuers saw the attitude of the boys and it caused them a lot of curiosity, asked them if they could do a small interview and agreed.

After the interview, they said goodbye to Sparkle and hugged her, the rescuers took her directly to a veterinarian where it was ruled out that she had scabies.

The vet said she looked like this because she was so thin, but after several examinations, all she needed was a good diet.

This was good news, as Sparkle only had to wait for someone with a good heart to decide to provide her with a permanent home.

Shelter staff decided to share the emotional story on their Facebook page, thanking the young heroes for their beautiful action.

Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, wrote on Facebook:

«Our heroes of the day! These sweet children rescued this dog that had been left tied with bungee ropes and kept her safe until we managed to find her.»

Sparkle rescued
After a few days, Sparkle was ready to be adopted, Pet Tales Rescue, a rescue organization near the shelter, found the perfect home for her.

Now Sparkle will be able to enjoy her life with a loving family, thanks to the four boys, and they continued to save animals from their neighborhood.

Just a few months after Sparkle’s rescue, the four boys were able to rescue two other puppies that had abandoned them on the streets.

Four children save
Another rescue dog
The shelter, upon learning of this new rescue, immediately posted a thank you note for the four children on its Facebook page.

Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, wrote:

«These are two more dogs rescued by the same 4 children who rescued Sparkles. We couldn’t take pictures of them because they were at school, but we wanted to yell at them and thank them for being heroes for two other dogs.»

Despite their young age, these guys have done an amazing job, they are true heroes worthy of imitation.

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