Dog is not afraid to let her adoptive mother know that the husband belongs to her


A sweet dog named Bristol is not afraid to prove to all people, especially her mother, that her father is her favorite human.

This little dog named Bristol, apparently is loaded with a lot of love to give, but this love is intended for only one person; his father Nathan McNeese.

It can be said that Bristol has claimed his father as his own, and he is not afraid that everyone will know. In particular, his mother, Alicia Lee McNeese, who is Nathan’s wife, and Bristol is always looking for ways to let him know that it belongs to him.

Bristol has been the couple’s pet since she was a baby, and has always loved her parents unconditionally. But, it seems that other thoughts circulate in the little girl’s mind, and she believes that everything is between her and Nathan.

Dog is not afraid to claim her human
Bristol is not afraid
For her, her role in the family is something different, because she loves Nathan differently and is not willing to share it with anyone.

Dog is not afraid to claim
Alicia told The Dodo:

«Her favorite person is my husband. The bond they have is incredible.»

Bristol has created a form aimed especially at Alice, so that she knows that she does not want to share Natham’s affection, and the message comes very clearly.

Dog is not afraid

Alicia said:

«It’s like he’s telling me; sorry mom, he’s my man.»

This healthy competition between the two for the love of their beloved Nathan, has developed different situations that have attracted a lot of attention from the couple. Like the scene of a recent road trip, where Alice was lying on Nathan and it was evident that Bristol did not like it at all.

Bristol and family

Alicia said:

«At first, my head rested on my husband’s shoulder. When I raised my head, she put hers on him.»

This beautiful scene that shows how little he wants to share Nathan’s love with others, was recorded in this video.

Without a doubt, Bristol made it clear that if anyone is going to rest her head on Nathan’s shoulders, it would be her.

Bristol dog

Alicia said:

«I think she was thinking, ‘He’s my human. Move, Mom.'»

The good thing is that Alicia is not uncomfortable when Bristol claims her husband as her own, because she has no problem sharing it. She loves him, and having just the moments of love that Bristol allows her on a daily basis, after all they are a family.

Bristol with its human
Alicia said:

«She’s sweet to me when she wants to be.»

Meanwhile, Nathan enjoys this competition for his love at home, and absorbs all the caresses offered to him on a daily basis.

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