The kitten abandoned to have different colored eyes and extra fingers is very happy now.


A handsome white kitten was abandoned by his previous family because she was different from the others, but now his life has changed.

An adorable kitten who was abandoned because she was born with extra fingers and other health problems, fortunately became a new star on social networks.

The beautiful ball of white hair was born in New York, with a strange condition that led her to have different colored eyes and extra fingers on her legs.

Unfortunately, the poor six-year-old kitten named Sansa was found abandoned by the staff of the city’s animal rescue center at the beginning of the year.

Since then, several online campaigns have attracted more than 20,000 subscribers to social networks, and now he has finally found a new home.

Adorable kitten is abandoned because it is different

«Many people have expressed how much they love Sansa’s uniqueness, with their eyes of different colors and their extra fingers.»

Karen is a 33-year-old woman who loves animals and works with a renowned health care consulting firm in the city.

It usually helps patients with medical problems and serious diseases, so it knows when someone needs special attention.

The woman says that she did not adopt Sansa because of her particular characteristics, but that she wanted to prevent her from being locked in a cat cage.

Karen and her husband met Sansa at a cat adoption event organized by the New York Rescue Center.

While there were many beautiful and friendly cats, the woman’s eyes turned their attention to a cat cage called Snow.

At first glance, the cage was empty, it had only one sign announcing that the cat inside was suffering from anxiety and had been abandoned by its owners.

When Karen approached the cage, she realized that it was not empty, the inhabitant of this place was hiding under the bed.

Karen said:

«I felt an immediate connection with her because I suffer from anxiety and I knew I wanted her to be part of our family, before I even saw her.

Imagine my surprise when I realized that I had eyes of different colors and extra fingers.»

Two days later, the woman brought Snow home, now called Sansa, and despite this, it took a long time for the kitten to gain confidence.

She was very shy, she was always afraid and hid behind the television every time the door opened; she only went out when she wanted to eat.

It was later discovered that Sansa also suffered from feline hyperesthesia, a rare disease that affects nervous or highly stressed cats.

It was later discovered that Sansa also suffered from feline hyperesthesia, a rare disease that affects nervous or highly stressed cats.

«Shortly after we arrived home, we realized that Sansa had strange behaviors in which her back rolled uncontrollably, followed by attacking her tail several times a day.

He seemed to feel pain every time he rolled his back and we couldn’t understand why. We’ve never seen a cat do that.»

Karen added:

«We recorded these episodes to show them to the veterinarian and after a few tests, he was finally diagnosed with a disease.»

Sansa was prescribed different drugs, but none seemed to be effective, until they used CBD oil for pets, which helped stop these episodes.

Now, the feline leads a quieter life; she has claimed the apartment as her own and is the new queen of the house.

Sansa wakes up at 6 a.m. to announce that she is hungry, and if her parents do not wake up, she starts throwing things on the ground.

Karen said:

«She knows exactly what she needs to do to get away with it.»

The hairy man is naughty, so Karen decided to open an Instagram account to document the buffoonies of an anxious and genetically different cat.

Karen said:

«What makes it special makes it a little easier to attract people’s attention, raise awareness and defend the adoption of cats with special needs.»

For now, the handsome kitten will continue to enjoy his new life, alongside his beloved family, and shape his beautiful differences with his disciples.

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