A prodigy boy or «little Monet»

Kieron Williamson is about to turn 14. But he is already known throughout Britain, and is even referred to as a prodigy boy or «little Monet».

And it all started about 10 years ago. Once on a family vacation, the boy painted his first landscape.

A 14-year-old boy was able to secure not only his future but also his parents’ lives.

Kiron began painting perfectly when he was only four years old. Almost all of his works depict landscapes of the Norfolk area, where he lives, and Cornwall, where he likes to relax.

The boy puts his soul into his paintings, and it shows immediately. His works were even interested in Japan, the United States and Germany.

He became famous thanks to his talent.

Since the age of eight, Kiron has been selling his paintings at auction.

À l’âge de neuf ans, il a vendu environ 33 œuvres pour 235 000 dollars en une heure. Il a vendu 23 tableaux sur Internet, au prix de 360 ​​000 dollars, en seulement 20 minutes.

Ainsi, un écolier ordinaire a pu gagner 2,2 millions de dollars. Kiron investit tous ses revenus dans sa propre entreprise Kiron Williamson Ltd, dirigée par ses parents.

Aujourd’hui, Kieron Williamson est l’un des petits les plus riches de Grande-Bretagne et l’un des petits artistes les plus célèbres.

Les prix de ses peintures sont assez élevés, de 3,5 mille dollars à 30 mille dollars.

Le garçon a vendu ses premiers tableaux en 2009.

Avec l’argent qu’il a gagné, il a réussi à acheter une nouvelle maison pour sa famille.

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