A faithful dog enters every night in the room of «his children» to «watch» them


He patrols their rooms every night to make sure they are okay.
When the lights go out and the children fall asleep, Killian is on patrol.

He has designated himself as the «Children’s Protector».

«He will go to my son’s room, and then he will go to the girls’ room. And then he will go back to my son’s room and jump into bed with him.

According to Cesars Way, dogs are known to protect children because of their pack instinct.

«A balanced dog knows that humans are the leaders of packs and that his job is to protect them.

Just as adult dogs are very tolerant of the behavior of a puppy biting another adult dog, they seem to understand that children are human ‘pupppies’ and that the protective instinct manifests itself,» the website explains.

And Killian is extremely kind to Kelly’s children.

And they love him right away as if he were part of their pack.

«They somehow integrate it into everything they play,» Kelly says. «He’s just going to lie down next to them and let them do what they want with him.»

This is just one of the reasons why Killian is a good boy.

Killian takes his status as a protector of childhood very seriously.

If he can’t reach the children, he usually sits there and complains until we open the door for him,» Kelly explains. He almost grew up with all our children.

Since Killian is a good dog, Kelly can hear him trampling upstairs all night while walking around to watch the kids.

«It’s really cute actually,» she says.

Since Killian was doing so well with the kids, the family decided he would be good with another dog.

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