A Bat-Dօg With Special Needs Is Takiոg Over The Iոstagram


Say hello to Tucker, a rescue pup with a smile that makes him look more like a bat than a pooch! This 3-year-old albino Chihuahua-miniature Pinscher suffers from a disease known as MPS VI (mucopolysaccharidoses). The illness causes deformities and a host of medical problems.

This means the doggie is not able to walk with his front legs, and has to wear protective goggles due to blurry eyesight. Yet, this pooch is an Instagram star and a real heart-stealer!

The bat-dog lives with his mom in Los Angeles where he enjoys every opportunity to play with other dogs.

Tucker also likes spending time with people and animals with the same health condition that he has, always boosting the energy of those around him and showing how to live life to the fullest despite the physical limitations.

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