Video. Those who live with a hairy spouse know all this․․․


It is already a routine for the old man and his 13-year-old Golden Retriever to go for a walk every afternoon.

Those who live with a furry companion know that they are not just pets but a family. Regardless of how they feel, they always give us enthusiasm.

Sabrina La Grotteria noticed an old man and his dog during their afternoon walk and decided to talk a short video. Tonino was walking his dog Dylan by pushing him in a cart around the neighborhood.

Sabrina found out that Dylan, the Golden Retriever lost mobility in his hind legs due to arthritis. Tonino loved his dog so much and knew that Dylan loves to walk around the city, so look for a cart so the two of them can continue to enjoy the scenic journey together.

Pushing the cart was not easy for Tonino, especially on uneven streets, but as long as Dylan is happy and enjoying it, it was worth it.

Sabrina then shared the sweet video of Tonino and Dylan which moved thousand hearts. You can watch the video here:

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