Traumatized puppy sleeps only standing for fear of being abandoned


For dogs, time does not pass in the same way as for humans. Our furry dogs have a very different perception of time, which is why, for them, a few hours can turn into weeks. Faced with this situation, our pets tend to become more and more lonely and abandoned.

Do you now understand why your dog suffers every time you go to work?

A day away from home will only be a day for you, but it doesn’t have the same meaning for your pet and that’s why he cries and jumps when you see him coming home from work.

In case you don’t know, your puppy thinks you’re long gone. Something like this happened to the puppy in this story, who developed a kind of phobia of abandonment.

And this is reflected in your new sleep habit.

To avoid being sidelined, the dog refuses to sleep and the situation leaves his family sorry. His humans just want the boy to leave his trauma behind, but it hasn’t been easy.

The dog’s name is Choco and he was adopted by a large family.

It turns out that Choco’s parents had to leave the house, and in order not to leave the small animal alone, they decided to leave it with a human aunt.

Although the dog only went one day without seeing them, since they picked him up the next day, this episode was tattooed in his memory and now he refuses to sleep.
His muscles become so tense that he doesn’t let his body rest.

After 24 hours of absence, Choco returned to his property, but his nerves did not leave him alone. The poor little animal has refused to go to bed ever since and the family is worried because Choco has not rested.

The poodle watches over the night and sometimes fatigue wins him, surrendering to Morpheus but getting up.

The puppy sleeps standing and his owners recorded it on video.

In the recording, you can see the tense muscles of the dog nodding in his sleep and closes his eyes at some point.

The family fears that Choco will get sick and they try to restore his confidence, so that he can sleep in peace and without fear of being left outside again.

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