My landlord cruelly abandoned me in a ditch He thought I was no longer useful but I refused to die


When you really love someone, you will be by their side in all circumstances! That’s what I thought.

When you truly love someone, you will be by their side in all circumstances, not only in happy moments, but in the most difficult battles. this applies to all kinds of relationships, writes

However, there are those who do not know what it is to love unconditionally, especially when it comes to their pets. Many animals are victims of the most cruel neglect and careless treatment.

The first years of this tiny creature’s life were honey on flakes, his human father loved him for his beauty and good conduct.

The furry little one loved all his family members and was always loyal to them, but the love between them was put to the test when he suffered at least one of the worst abuses.

One match day, the little animal sneaked into the yard of a neighbor whose subject gave him a «lesson» that marked him forever, leaving the poor dog with a broken spine.

When the owner found out, far from being indignant and defending him, he decided to urge to remedy it.

In this case, there were no claims; it had been easier for the family to move away from the abandoned puppy during a ditch, instead of fighting alongside him to move forward and defend him from the abuse he was experiencing.

A woman found him abandoned and recognized him, she was so moved by things that she decided to save many.

She wouldn’t be as bad as those humans the animal had encountered, so she immediately brought it home.

Once there, the furry man knew he was safe and «started waging his tail,» according to the rescuer.

The poor man was in so much pain that he couldn’t move, the spinal injury had made him disabled, and she knew she had to ask a specialist if she wanted to save much of him.

This woman had the desire to fight with the hairy man by her side and for months the animal was subjected to painful therapies. His rehabilitation was not easy at all, but with enough love, the creature came back to life with a smile.

The woman who found this hairy woman did not sit idly by and helped the animal, she decided to contact Animal STEP, an animal rights organization, who guided her through the method.

They have also witnessed the healing of this furry dog and are the ones who have made their case public on social media.

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