The super shy doggie finally started to laugh at her rescuer


Over time, when dogs get stuck in one place of living for a long period of time, like humans, they get closed into themselves. It will take a long time for them to recover from isolation.

This cute doggie has lived all his life in shelter and has no kind of human interaction. Over time he got alone and didn’t not communicate with other doggies and people too.

He was lucky enough to find a good rescuer who put all her energy and love for getting the dog back into life. 

As the dog was in enough contact with the owner, he immediately started to have fun times and communicate with all of them. 

“First I thought that the dog will never be good friends with me. He was shy and I did not want to make him do something he is not up to. Then I discovered what a beautiful and cute smile he has. After that day we became good friends” — says the doggie owner.

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