The owners thought the doggie was taking care after the baby until they saw this


The family of the Adams were extremely happy about the birth of the baby Greg. He was the light of the house as of the moment. And the parents decided to make a present for the birth of the baby.

They adopted a huge doggie. Now, these two should have gone all the way together. The dog was taking care of the baby all the time. He was even watching the doggie sleep and was kind of guarding his sleep.

One day, as usual, the duo was together. The baby was playing at first. The parents thought that the doggie was again taking care of the baby. It was such a funny moment overall. As they got closer, they realized that the baby put his feet in the mouth of the doggie. 

They were laughing and it was really funny how much the baby was playing with the beloved doggie. It was really one of the most beautiful and pure moments one could ever notice.

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