Watch the adorable dog run away from shelter to see his foster mom. How cute!


One of the most memorable and remarkable things in a dog’s life is getting a forever home. It is all they want while they have no other place to live. 

This doggie was once ignored and homeless. Now he seems to have everything he needs, home, love. However, he feels that it’s not what he really wants 

He was missing the foster mom so he decided to do something crazy one day.  One day, as the whole family was sleeping the doggie decided to run away from home. He decided to go and see his foster mom. 

However, as he was small and did not know much about the roads, he got lost on the way. He was also hit heavily by the car.  He kept on going until he noticed his previous owner. And what happened next was really touching and emotional.  The two got cuddled up in tears. They were very emotional and happy to find each other again. 

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