The heartbreaking moment of owner saying goodbye to his beloved dog


In the life of doggies the owners have a very crucial and important role. They are the ones who take care of the doggies and make sure that everything is perfect with them.

However, there comes a moment in our life that we are obliged to accept any kind of situation, no matter how hard or sad that can be. The owner of the doggie suffered a lot after his death. 

The dog was diagnosed with a serious illness and after some examination, the doctors said that the life of the dog could not be saved. It was one of the saddest and taughtest periods in his life. As he later told one of the newspapers, he did not imagine that the loss would be so painful. 

“For the first few days, I really could not explain what kind of pain I was going through. All my body was aching without my beloved doggie”- said bitterly the owner of the dog.

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