The doggie who was missing for more than 10 years finally got reunited with the owner


If you are an animal lover, for you it would probably be important that all the lost doggies and other animals got safe back home. 

This doggie was found in one of the rural areas  near Los Angeles. It was immediately taken to shelter. In the shelter it was discovered that the doggie was lost some ten years ago.

After the loss of the doggie, the owner had given numerous announcements and reports for finding it back. But no result in finding the dog ever took place. The owner of the doggie was emotional and excited to reunite with the doggie. 

“I lost all my hope and gave up all my effort for finding my dog. I am extremely happy and excited for find my doggie now” said Angie, the dog owner. 

Just imagine it was you in her place, what reaction would you have given in this situation? Probably something like that?

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