The dog who survived the abusive owner finds a new home and is happy now


One of the most horrible things dogs go through is having and surviving an abusive owner. However, after such cases dogs are usually taken to a shelter, where they get proper treatment. 

One of the recent dog abuse was against the doggie Joki whose owner was so much abusive it was by chance the dog survived.  “We received a call from a citizen, who was so worried about the condition of the dog.

His neighbor was beating and the dog was crying from pain” — said one of the police officers. 

However the life of the doggie changed completely, when he was taken to shelter. As the time passed, a good guy with good intentions went to a shelter and adopted the doggie. 

Now the dog is living one of the best times in his life and is completely happy in the new environment. The family is very caring and gives everything the dog needs.

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