The brave doggie scared the robbers away from the market


On a Monday afternoon, the police department received a call that three to four robbers with guns entered the shop and scared off people. They wanted all the money. 

To their great surprise, there was a puppy who was really worried by their entrance. All the worries made the doggie start to bark heavily. As the robbers heard these sounds, they were really scared by them and started to look a way back from the market. 

The suspected robber jumped back out of the shop. He was really scared. He thought that the doggie was going to bite him.

He managed to run away from that place. Thankfully no one was damaged in the result of the accident. The policemen are still searching for the suspect robber, who wanted to take a huge amount of money and goods from the market. 

After the incident, the doggie was considered a hero, as he prevented the market robbery, which also scared off the people and the workers there.

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