What a milestone achievement! The shelter celebrated empty cages, since all the dogs were adopted


One of the greatest success in the shelters is that the majority of the animals are adopted. This successful achievement was also in case of one of the shelters in Los Angeles.

Because of the Covid-19, people spent a lot of time staying home, since the whole world was closed in. Because of this, people had not many things to do. So, they again were wondering what to do.

Some people started petting animals and it felt super amazing for them. Because of the pandemic, one of the shelters in Los Angeles were freed from all the doggies. For the first time in history, the shelter workers were celebrating this kind of milestone achievement.

They went into the cages of the shelter and made a huge celebration for this achievement. Everyone was really happy that all the dogs and other animal found their family and now were living their best and peaceful life.

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