The lucky and brave doggie spends his summer vacations on the beach


If you are an animal lover, you would probably have read a lot of stories about the doggies, who struggle in life still not finding their peace and place on this Earth.

However, they are also dogs who made their lives into a better condition and now enjoy the life to the fullest. This lucky dachshund  is living together with a very rich family, who spend their every summer on one of the most beautiful beaches on Earth.

This time, the family made their way to Spain and the luckies one in the trip was the doggie. He was so excited and happy about their trip to the sea. He was seen playing and going round the area.

The owners of the doggie made took special pictures of the doggie showing him throwing himself into the seas and swimming in the shallow water. With his cheerful behaviour and playing, he was making everyone around happy.

As the family later told, among the family member on the trip, the doggie was the happiest one.

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