The kind man was taking care of the little cute cat in the subway


If you are an animal lover, you would probably read in our site so many times about the rescuing of so many animals. There are certainly so many kind hearted people, who will do their best to save the lives of any living creature.

However, you would probably missed this one story. The man was noticed in the subway of New York city taking care of the little kitten.

The cat was seen sitting on the laps of the man and was waiting for the man to give her some food or other things. The man was very careful and caring for the kitten.

The kitten was cuddled in warm blanket and was enjoying the best moment with the man in the metro. The scene was very cute and everyone in the subway were enjoying the scene.

The man himself was very patient with the kitten, as he wanted the best for the cute little creature.

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