The heartbreaking moment of the shelter doggies crying if someone tries to seperate them


we all know about the pure and rare connection between the doggies. Once, they get together it is almost impossible to separate them or try harm them in anyway.

Especially, when the doggies get to know each other in shelter, the chances of their connection and friendship will be for life. This beautiful doggies were brought to the shelter during seperate times.

However, they managed to get to know each other and fall in love with each other presence. Doggie Marcel and doggie Adam were all the time together. Everyone knew about their valuable friendship and everyone was admiring them.

However, after some time, there came a time, when the elderly doggie Marcel was about to get adopted into a good family. It was one of the heartbreaking and emotional moments for both of them.

They were both in tears and did not want to let each other go. Everyone witnessing this moment was probably thinking that they might be siblings, that is how strong their connection was.

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