The neighbor opens his door to a wonderful scene of a doggie guarding the baby girl


The connection and the pure bonding the babies and the doggies share together is beyond possibly beautiful. Both the babies and the doggies have a very pure heart and that is their biggest asset ever.

The Addams family were living with a close neighborhood to a elderly woman, who was living alone in a big house. The Addams family were really in love with pets and they were keeping several pets.

As their first baby was born, they decided to add up their «collection of dogs» by another pitbull as a present to the baby girl. Ever since the day of the baby’s birth, this two were always together and inseparable.

One day, the woman who hardly visits neighbors, decided to see the yard of the Adams neighbors. As she opened the door to the yard, she was fascinated to see the doggie guarding the toddler girl, who was sleeping on the grass.

It was a really a moment of peace and pure love.  And the elderly woman could not simply hide her excitement and joy for this scene.

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