This kind man walks from street to street feeding the hungry dogs


If you are an animal lover and often read out blog about animals, you have probably come across to stories about kind hearted men, who saved or rescued doggies or other animals.

Our today’s hero story is completely different and you have to give it a try and read about the wonderful story of his wonderful and kind deeds.

He decided to help stray and homeless dogs and found his unique way of doing so. He created a beautiful idea by collecting food and water and going from street to street.

He decided to go through streets and feed the stray dogs and other animals, who had been out in streets with no food or water. He was so worried about the condition of the street animals, he came up with the wonderful idea.

«Deep down in my heart, I knew that I had to do something very good and useful for the dogs. Since I don’t have enough financial means, I decided to buy some food and give it to stray dogs» — later told the kind man to animal magazines.

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