The woman paid for the surgery of the cat and wanted to leave, but the kitten did not want to leave her go


The pets become the member of family, when they create a strong and deep bonding with each other. In some cases, this connection has already a very deep meaning.

The woman adopted a cat from shelter two years ago. Ever since the day, the cat was brought to the home, they shared a very special kind of bonding and connectedness together.

One day, as the cat was feeling bad, the woman decided to take to the vets. At the vets, it was detected, that the cat had a very serious disease. However, the cat owner could not afford to pay for the surgery.

At the vets, there was another woman who was willing to pay for the surgery, since she fell in love with the kitten. After some time, when the cat was fully recovered, she knew about the woman and it was clinging to the woman and did not want to let her go.

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