The man was waiting for four hours near the shelter to adopt the lovely doggie


We clearly realize, that when a doggie enters the heart of a person, it would be almost impossible to forger the that cute animal. The same case was with this man.

Two months ago, Andrew noticed the amazing doggie outside the shelter and he literally fell in love with the doggie. Once, he went to adopt the dog, he was told that the dog was not in a good condition and that he needed time recovery.

It was very hard for this man to realize, that the doggie could not be adopte. After some month, the shelter announced about the adoption event and he immediately went there.

He was told to wait to see the doggie. At the adoption event, the man had to wait for more than four hours to adopt the dog.

After taking the doggie to his place, the doggie was living his best life along with other pets. The dog had no idea that all of a sudden, life would be good and beautiful again.

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