The cute doggie was rescued from the harsh winter conditions


One of the most satisfying and memorable events in a person’s life can be considered the fact that he saved the life of another living creature.

This happened to Alex, who accidentally came across a sweet little puppy freezing near a lake, on a cold december afternoon. «I can not explain what was going on with me, when I saw this wonderful creature being frozen near the lake. He was looking at me with sad and eyes and begging to help and save him» — tells the man.

The temperature was below zero. As it was found out later, the doggie was forgotten by the family who decided to take him out for walk and forgot to take back.

Rescuing the puppy, he immediately called the emergency. Through the emergency call to the shelter rescue, the was was safely returned to his previous family. They were really happy and excited to see again their beloved doggie.

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