The bear decided to join the family BBQ party and have some fun


How do you usually plan your picnic or a barbeque party? You probably buy a lot of food and invite a lot of fun people to join and have some fun.

But what would you do, if a bear suddenly joins your picnic party and starts to taste the delicious food you prepared for your hosts.

One of the picnic invitees share rare footage of a black bear attending a picnic party near a lake in the countryside. It was one of the craziest moments in her life seeing a black bear attending a picnic party.

The bear was probably playing around the lake and smelled something tasty. And yes, he was right. The picnic was really hot and delicious, since the Adams family were making barbeque and other delicacies.

On the other hand, the baby bear was very friendly and joyful by the fact, that the picnic attendees did not mind his presence in the party. The photos of the baby bear spread all over the web and made everyone smile.

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