The pizzateria puts the pictures of the dogs on pizza box to help them find forever home


You have probably read a lot of stories about how other kind people helping the stray dogs find home and live a happy life. But you have not heard about this act of kindness for sure.

An animal love, did you know that about more than one million shelter dogs are being euthanized every years In United State, for the reason that the shelters are full and there is no homes, who would adopt dogs in their homes.

To help prevent the slaughter of the doggies, this pizzateria decided to create an amazing flash mob for the doggies. They put the picture, information, contact data of the doggies while delivering the pizzas. How crazy you will think all this is.

This idea worked perfectly. Within a month, so many doggies found their home and now live happily ever. This amazing initiative was even broadcast on TV.

Many people learned about it and wanted to order from the pizzateria, giving the shelter doggie to find a home for them.

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