The kind police officer goes back to the city to meet the dog whom he saved


The police officer who was in the rescue team of saving the homeless dog from terrible conditions had a very deep connection with the doggie.

Even after when the dog was rescued and moved to a shelter, he would pay occasional visits to the doggie. He knew that the dog had some health problems too. Because of horrible dogfight, the dog had unclear vision.

The policeman would spend hours for caring after the dog. After some times, the dog was adopted into a good family. After this news the police officer was really peaceful about learning his condition. As the years passed, the police officer moved to another city and he received a news, that the dog was heavily beaten by other dogs.

He rushed to their home to see the doggie. It was one of the most emotional and heartbreaking moments ever in his life. The dog himself got very emotional, because he knew the kind policeman who saved his life and gave him a chance to live.

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