The abandoned doggie is celebrating her first birthday everyone thought she would not live to do


The shelter doggies are sometimes living one of the most difficult and toughest periods in shelters. Sometimes, they even thought that they would never have the life they want and they really deserve.

This doggie was taken to the shelter immediately after her birth. Within this time, there was no hope for the doggie of getting adopted and being taken care of. Apart from this all, the dog had been diagnosed with a severe disease.

As a result, the doctors said that the doggie would not live for more than a year. It was a very difficult period in his life and everyone in the shelter were thinking that the doggie would not live longer.

However, the dog started fighting for his life. No one thought, that the dog would live and celebrate her first birthday. During that hard period, the doggie was adopted into a very good family and everyone loved and cared for her.

As the owner say, they were very grateful for the doggie to be in their home and make their life better every day.

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