Studies show that losing a dog equals to losing a beloved one


People owning a dog for years confess that one of the hardest things for them in life can be losing them. During their lifetime, they become something more than just a pet or a doggie.

They create a strong bond and connection with each other and no one and nothing can destroy that connection. They become even more than just a family member. This is the reason why many people suffer a lot when their pet dies.

A number of studies show, that losing a dog or other pet can equal to losing a loved person. This can be one of the hardest and toughest periods of the person losing his beloved pet.

Another study says, that a lot of pet owner grief even long after the passing of the pet and even after long period of time, they can not get along the this reality.

It is really heartbreaking and sad realizing you have lost a pet. You will have a pain as if a member of a family passed away.

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