A kind schoolgirl was noticed saving and rescuing a dog on her way home from school


Everyday we keep reading about stories, when the doggies were saved and rescued by kind hearted people. This time, a schoolgirl who was going back home from school noticed the doggie under heavy rain.

The dog was noticed freezing and cold under the rain. It was clear too, that the doggie had not eaten food or drank water for a long period of time.

The girl was confused when she saw the doggie. At first, she thought she could not help the doggie. However, after some time she found a way out.

She immediately called her father, who arrived with car in less than twenty minutes. They took the doggie from the streets and took him to their home.

The girl prepared the bath for the dog, washed her and prepared food for the doggie. Ever since that day the girl and the doggie were best friends. They were sharing their best moments and time together. She was very grateful for having the dog in her life.

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