The woman adopted another cute puppy on the birthday of their pitbull


We all know that animal and especially dog lovers sometime get so much connected and attached to their doggies, they start thinking again of getting another doggie.

This happened to Angelina who had a beautiful dog name Andy at home. However, she decided to make a big surprise for the doggie on his birthday.

Oh, what a surprise! The woman brought another doggie to home for his birthday. From the first moment she saw the doggie, she realized that the two doggie would go along together very well.

So when she came home with the new buddy, the dog at home was sos surprised and excited. They started barking together from the excitement. Usually, most of the people would have a double though before getting another dog home.

But she was super excited to see all the pets being happy and enjoying each others’ company. She was organizing some kind of beautiful parties for the doggies.

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