Here is the first reaction of the dog meeting a cat for the first time in his life


It is a common truth that in the animal kingdom cats and dogs are enemies. They fight a lot and they want to prove who is better and more powerful.

And humans we accept it and make it as truths for us. If you want to know that the other story also exists, you need to listen this story.

Cats and dogs can be real friends and they can do all the best for each other and be the best for each other. You should watch the reaction of the doggie, who for the first time met a cat in his life.

His eyes lighted up and it was obvious he was admiring the cat’s presence. At first the cat was a bit afraid of the doggie thinking that the doggie would harm her.

However, after some time they got so used to each other, they did not want to be separated from each other.

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