Watch the deaf doggie protecting the little girl until the rescue team found her


A true person who really loves dogs will agree to the fact, the bonding and connection between dogs and children is limitless and most conditional love ever.

The dogs are ready to save and protect the lives of people, who are definitely in danger. The same case was with the little girl Angie who got lost in the neighborhood.

She went out for walk in the neighborhood with the doggie of their family and lost the way back home. No one had any information about where they went and everyone started panicking.

Next day, as the search started again, the group found a possible place where they could be. It was found out that the dog was deaf and had some other problems too.

He protected the girl all night long, when it was heavily raining and he saved the life of the little girl. It was found out that they were in a real danger of being attacked by other animals too.

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