Watch how the parrot and the doggie made an amazing friendship


We all know about the pure and deep friendship of doggies and other animals. Since, the doggies have big hearts and pure intentions, they make friends easily and give all their love to the creatures, who mostly need it.

The Smiths family were in love with pets and they were always trying to experiment new ones too. This time they brought a parrot to home. They were just amazed by how quickly and immediately they made friends together.

However, it was again the doggie who made the first move. He started to play with the parrot and make him feel home. They were spending all their time together.

They were playing, eating and doing everything together. They were getting excited by each other presence and enjoying every second they were together.

The family member made a special room for them where they could spend their time together and also make other members of the family admire their funny moments.

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