The police officer saving the little kittens got attached to them and could not forget them


One of the most responsible jobs in the world. Their main task is serving other people and making the a better place to live and to grow.

Police officer John Smith was on his duty on a Monday morning, when an amazing things happened to him, which he will never forget in his life.

As he and his other colleague were in the street, they noticed a few kittens trapped under a car. The kittens were so scared to be under a car and it was obvious to the policemen.

They were amazingly admiring the kittens and the way they were afraid to be there. The policemen helped them out from the place and gave them life again.

However, the policemen were in love with them. They were so cute and beautiful. John Smith confessed later, that one of the kittens went straight into his heart and he wanted to take her home. Everytime he remembers her, a huge smile is coming to his face.

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