The couple who saved the doggie from stray life, fell in love with him and made him a family member


The doggie Jackie was rescued by a couple, who were madly in love with the doggie. John and Angie were living lovingly together and they enjoyed their life a lot.

One day, as they were walking on the street, noticed a doggie in a very bad condition. It was obvious that the dog had no food and water for days. He looked exhausted and sad.

They had so much love for the doggie and were ready to help him, how they could. After a while, the realized that they were so much in love with the doggie they decided to take him to their home.

The were really excited about having a new family member, with whom they could share their best moments and best memories.

The dog himself was feeling protected and safe. He could never imagine, that one day he would have a place like to to live and enjoy his life to the fullest.

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