Rescuing the doggie, the staff workers had no idea that she was pregnant and they rushed to see the newborns


Our today’s superhero mom is Dani, who is a brilliant mom and a wonderful doggie. On a wednesday morning, the rescue team of the shelter received a call about a very special case.

As they rushed to the place, the noticed this amazing doggie. They immediately took the doggie to shelter. However, they did not know about a very special thing; the doggie was pregnant.

Soon, after a very short period of time, it was discovered, that the doggie was pregnant and in a few days she gave birth to wonderful four doggies. They were so cute.

All the shelter staff were in love with them and they they were rushing to see and take care of them. As the time passed, all of the four doggies were adopted into good families and started their amazing life.

We can say for sure, that these puppies were lucky enough to be rescued to shelter, since not all the doggies have the chance to be adopted into good families after their births.

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