Poor doggie who was thrown into garbage was rescued by volunteers


If you are an animal lover and everytime reading a story about them you wish that all the animals should be saved, this article is just for you.

Our hero cute doggie was ruthlessly thrown into the garbage by his owners. They had no idea how much the doggie was suffering being abandoned in the most dirty place on planet.

For many days, he did not eat anything and was completely exhausted. He just wished for a small food. All his pain could be seen from his eyes. He was begging for someone to come and save him.

The rescue team seeing the doggie doggie in this condition was speechless and for a moment they had no idea what should be done with the doggie.

After a while, however, as the emotions passed, they cleaned the doggie, showed first aid and gave him enough food to feel good. They took the doggie to shelter and kept him under special condition for him to restore his life energy.

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