Watch the Stolen Puppy Finally Reuniting with Mom Again


A mother’s love is unconditional for her baby and when something bad happens to her children, she immediately feels it and gets anxious. It is true not only about humans, but also about all animals too.

This big cute dog family was living with the Johnson family. Five months ago, the mom gave birth to more than five puppies. One day the mom doggie was feeling very anxious and stressed out.

It turned out, one of the puppies was missing. She immediately felt it, however, she could not do anything about it. It was found out, that one of the puppies was stolen. The family immediately called a rescue team and asked to find out what had happened.

It turned out, that the doggie was taken to be kept under the ground in a very strange place, which was even scary. However, when the rescue team brought back the puppy, all the family was relieved by.

And most importantly, the mom doggie was in peace and now she could take care of the other puppies too.

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