Watch the Kind Doggie Takes Care of His Sister Who is Deaf and Blind



One day, one of the volunteers of the rescue team of the shelter noticed a doggie outside in the street. The doggie had seven puppies. They were very small and could hardly move.

The carking volunteer immediately decided to help save their lives and keep the mom and puppies in their home. Some of the puppies who were already grown ups were taken to shelter. Among them was one of the puppies who was both death and blind.

The brother and the sister were being kept in different place. Very soon, a doggie got attached to the disabled doggie and was taking care of the dogge.

He was so caring and was doing everything for the dogg. The shelter workers found out that they were brothers and sister, that is why the doggie was so much attached and caring to the other doggie.

Everyone in the shelter were amazed by his behavior. They could not express their admiration and love towards this beautiful act of the family member.

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